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Saturday, September 3, 2011

she bathes

she bathes........
She bathes, brimming
the pores of her skin with droplets of
water so many.
Suddenly she is freed
of all gravitational pull, sets
out on a never-ending
journey of many light years.

She bathes.
The surroundings echo
her splashes with some
primordial song
well-worded sans letters,
pictorial through.
Then there emerges a
wooden boat she sits in
goes beyond piercing
the unfathomable depths of the sky.

She bathes.
A mysterious odour
gets dissolved in the cosmos
and she crosses over
the bounds of the defined times.

She bathes.
The process continues uninterrupted
for hours, days, months, years and ages.
After the act, no one has ever seen
her for aeons coming back in person.

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